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The Zombie Apocalypse

Today was a sad day for America… Unfortunately, I cannot call us the United States of America because united we are not ever since Donald Dump was “elected” President. I’m angry!  No.  Scratch that.  I’m fucking pissed!  Fucking furious even!  And you should be too. What happened today in Charlottesville, Virginia is not just awful, but it is cowardice.  Our […]

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A New Age of Hate

I know. I know… I KNOW!!! After an Election Day that will most likely go down in the history books, we all expected a different outcome.  And when I say “all of us,” I mean ALL OF US… Democrats.  Republicans.  Experts.  Analysts.  News outlets.  Social media.  Dogs.  Cats.  God.  I think even Trump himself expected to lose. But he didn’t… And […]

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I’m With Her, But I’m Also With Him…

No.  I’m not bi.  Well, maybe.  But I sort of think EVERYONE is bi, just on different degrees.  But we’ll save all that for a whole other post… No.  I’m talking Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders. Yes.  I think Hillary Clinton should be our next President of the United States. Yes.  I know she’s said some things in the past […]

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