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Leap Day

It’s Leap Day! It also happened to be bridge night. Now, I’m not usually one to take extra advantage of Leap Day, but to some, today is an extra day to do something–anything–so long as it’s a positive activity.  Do something MORE.  Do something you might never do on the boring other 365 days of the year.  The expression, “Seize […]

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Family Comes Around

This week at bridge, one of our regulars had quite a remarkable story to share… To start, I will refer to this friend as Sean. Sean is a doctor who grew up in the south.  Sean comes from a very religious background.  Sean, however, is gay, and his family doesn’t necessarily approve. Sean has a wonderful husband.  Both Sean and […]

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What To Do When Things Get Normal

I just realized that I forgot to post last week.  Oops… But why?  Why did I forget to post?  Bridge was fun as always.  But did we talk about anything different and unique?  At this point, I forget.  Which makes me think… Are things just “normal” right now?  Am I in a rut? Yes.  And no.  (My favorite answer!) Yes, […]

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