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What To Do When Things Get Normal

I just realized that I forgot to post last week.  Oops…

But why?  Why did I forget to post?  Bridge was fun as always.  But did we talk about anything different and unique?  At this point, I forget.  Which makes me think…

Are things just “normal” right now?  Am I in a rut?

Yes.  And no.  (My favorite answer!)

Yes, my life is probably just “normal” right now.  There’s nothing new to report.  I go to work 5 days a week.  The winter cold just makes me want to go home every night after work.  I’m amazed that I can force myself to go to the gym at least three to four times per week.  Then I hang out with my husband and friends on our days off.  I still play bridge on Monday nights.  There’s no good movies to go see this time of year (although, Deadpool comes out next weekend and I couldn’t be more pumped!).  Like I said, things are normal.

But no, that doesn’t necessarily mean that my life is in a rut.  Since when did “normal” become a bad thing?  Normal is way better than shitty, that’s for sure.  But sometimes, life has to be normal for the rest of it to stand out.  And let me just say, I’d rather life be normal and great most of the time than either shitty OR great.  Am I right?  (I usually am…)

So friends, don’t let life get you down just because things are normal and repetitive.  These times are great times to think and reflect more often than when we’re consistently busy.  When things get normal, it’s also a good opportunity to start something new.  Create something unique.  Try something different.  Sometimes, from normal, one can expect to find new possibilities.  Therefore, life wouldn’t be possible without some form of normalcy.

Go.  Be normal.

Only then can you learn how to become your BEST…


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    You can always tell an expert! Thanks for corutibtning.

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