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Getting Married

Today is my husband’s and my anniversary.

Thank you.

Two years in and we’re still going strong!  (Check back with me in another two years though….Just Kidding!)

Seriously though, the reason I’m so excited is because we have FINALLY reached the planning stages of our wedding reception!  Yup, that’s right.  We’ve been married for two years, together for three, and yet, we haven’t had the opportunity to celebrate our love with our friends and family.

Or have we…

You see, my husband and I met back in 2013 while he was vacationing in New York City.  We hit it off (and I swear we never hooked up if that’s what you’re thinking!), so we kept in touch.  About a month later, I found out I had to move.  My husband was living in Glasgow at the time, but he offered to come stay with me for a month and help with the move.

So a few weeks later, my husband came back to the States, he helped me box all my nerdy shit and move in with my new roommates. That’s when we fell in love.  Because let’s face it, if ANYONE ever offers to help you move, you know that’s true love/friendship!

A few months after that, the United States Supreme Court decided to FINALLY recognize same-sex marriages, which also allowed LGBT couples from overseas to apply for marriage visas. We quickly got engaged because we knew it would take a while to get his visa approved, and we were right.  It took us nine months of torturous waiting to get my husband over to the U.S. of A.  We could have had a newborn baby in that amount of time!  But we were finally married on March 15th, 2014 in Grand Central Terminal, the same place where we met.

Looking back, however, I wouldn’t change any of it for all the heaps of money politicians spend on their campaigns.  Alright, well, maybe for some of that money because then, perhaps, we could have celebrated with a proper wedding, but that just brings me to my point…

Why do people spend SO MUCH MONEY on a celebration that hardly lasts for one day!?

Of course, we wanted to celebrate with our friends and family the moment my husband arrived in the States, but as we began to look at venues, the prices were outrageous!  $150 per person.  $200 per person.  And these were lower end venues!  Needless to say, I wasn’t surprised, but after spending most of his savings on a marriage visa, my husband and I weren’t prepared to shell out for a big party, let alone a wedding.

So we waited….

And we waited some more…

And we waited just long enough to meet a certain financial savings goal.  It took us two years to meet that goal, and we still need another year to finish it, but I’m glad we waited.  I’m glad because at this point my husband and I just want to CELEBRATE our love for one another!  At this point, I just want to SHARE our love with our friends and family!  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

So we looked into even cheaper venues and options that don’t cost $150-$200 per person.  Hell, the past few weddings I’ve attended, I was so stuffed from cocktails and appetizers that I couldn’t finish my steak dinner.  So why have dinner for everyone when we can make it a buffet?

And we don’t need extravagant flowers.  As a matter of fact, I was talking to a friend at work who just got his flower bill for the wedding he’s currently planning with his partner…for $15,000!!!  Are you insane!?  Granted, his partner just made partner at a very prestigious law firm, but still.  If you can afford $15,000 in flowers for one day, you should be able to donate the same amount to charity at the very least.  Plus, why have flowers when we can have a Harry Potter theme!?  (Am I right!?)

But you know what rocks?

My husband and I won’t be in DEBT after our wedding day!  We’ll have it all paid off!  How awesome is that!?  No one-day-ceremony should be worth putting a couple in financial debt for.  Nor do either of us have to depend on mommy and daddy to pay for some of our wedding.  My husband and I came into this world as a couple, and we sure as hell will fight our way to survive as one…to our wedding day and back again…like the Hobbit…only gayer…



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  1. Delly says:

    I could read a book about this without finding such real-world apachproes!

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    Hello! Cool post, amazing!!!

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