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The Zombie Apocalypse

Today was a sad day for America… Unfortunately, I cannot call us the United States of America because united we are not ever since Donald Dump was “elected” President. I’m angry!  No.  Scratch that.  I’m fucking pissed!  Fucking furious even!  And you should be too. What happened today in Charlottesville, Virginia is not just awful, but it is cowardice.  Our […]

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How Harry Potter Changed My Life

  I’m not a reader. In high school, I was so slow at reading that I had to take courses to learn how to read faster. I used my fingers to keep my focus on the page, but even techniques like this didn’t work for me. I was soooooooo slow that I even had a note from reading specialists that […]

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She Was More Than Just a Princess

I can’t…I seriously can’t… I’m devastated! But I feel this needs to be said… My Facebook feed right now, is full of Star Wars photos.  Normally, I would be jumping for joy at the announcement of a new movie or trailer, but as you may have already heard, our beloved Carrie Fisher has become one with the Force (and the […]

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