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Getting Married

Today is my husband’s and my anniversary. Thank you. Two years in and we’re still going strong!  (Check back with me in another two years though….Just Kidding!) Seriously though, the reason I’m so excited is because we have FINALLY reached the planning stages of our wedding reception!  Yup, that’s right.  We’ve been married for two years, together for three, and […]

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Family Comes Around

This week at bridge, one of our regulars had quite a remarkable story to share… To start, I will refer to this friend as Sean. Sean is a doctor who grew up in the south.  Sean comes from a very religious background.  Sean, however, is gay, and his family doesn’t necessarily approve. Sean has a wonderful husband.  Both Sean and […]

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In Loving Memory of Marie Bernard

I had to miss bridge this week.  I don’t like skipping bridge, but every now and then a work meeting comes up, or I have to schedule a meeting with my illustrator (I’m currently writing a children’s book). This Monday, however, I had to ditch bridge so that I could travel home to Boston…for a funeral.  I know you’re gonna ask […]

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